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Look for it on https://www.tinekekleij.nl/index/146297492_HUREN+%2F+%28HUUR%29KOOP.html#.Wv5qdeQUmM8

To rent one or more of my paintings is only possible for companies and people who live in the Netherlands.

If you want to buy a painting and do not live in the Netherlands. The only open possibility is to pay the amount I ask for the painting and order this amount over to my account. I only accept payment in Euro's and transfers by bankaccount. Afterwards - when I did receive your money on my bankaccount - I will take care of the shipment of the painting(s) and I’ll send it/them to the address you want to receive the painting(s).

If we didn’t make any specific agreement about the costs of shipment, including insurance etc., these costs are for your own account.

If you live in Holland go to http://www.tinekekleij.nl/index/146297492_ONLINE+WINKEL.html#.VVIa_00cSM8.

Thank you so much.

With kind regards,

Tineke Kleij-van den Boomen, artist


If you would like to stay informed about Tineke's work and exhibitions subscribe to her newsletter on http://www.tinekekleij.nl/nieuwsbrief.html#.Vgje5svouM8 .

Do you have interest in (one of) Tineke's creations. Comments are highly appreciated. So enter your name etc. in on http://www.tinekekleij.nl/reageer/site/0.html#.VgjdFsvouM8.

Are you interested in buying or renting (one of) Tineke's creations go to http://www.tinekekleij.nl/index/146297492_ONLINE+WINKEL.html#.VgjgzsvouM8 and view on this page which your options are.

Tineke likes to see or hear something from you in return.



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Tineke Kleij-van den Boomen, h/o JustBooArt, Kalmoes 14, 5491 KJ Sint Oedenrode

T: +31 (0)413 – 474 317, to contact her go to http://www.tinekekleij.com/reageer/site/0.html#. Y4dHLJbMKM8, website: www.tinekekleij.nl en www.tinekekleij.com / Ingeschreven in de Kamer van Koophandel te Eindhoven onder nummer